The lilac princess in an orange world

Pre-spring fashion shoot with the Quapi kidswear collection.

Once upon a time there was a girl who didn’t like the cold. Every year she left for the warm south. To charge, to enjoy the warmth and to feel the sun on her pale skin.

After a long journey she arrived on the beautiful island of Fuerteventura. It was a very special place near by the dunes and the sea. The sun shone with a golden glow on the stones of her temporary home. Everything turned orange, it was magical!

She felt comfortable here. Relaxed and pleasant.

It was so nice because it wasn’t cold. The princess was wearing thin clothes but it felt like she was wearing a warm sweater. In her mind she colored the warm sweater. It became lilac, her favorite color.

After a week she had to return home. She had to cry because she dreaded the cold.

Suddenly she heard a small voice that said to her: “Don’t cry girl. Here, I have something for you” She looked up and there on the orange wall was a moth. He handed her a marble. Put this in your pocket. As soon as you get cold again, hold the marble in your left hand and see what happens.

The girl put the marble in her pocket and got on the plane. As soon as she set foot on her own soil, she immediately felt the intense cold. She thought of what the moth was saying to her and put the marble in her left hand. A miracle happened and the marble turned into the lilac sweater. The warm sweater she’d felt before.

How happy she was! The princess was never cold again and lived happily ever after.

Springtime is almost here my dear 
Days of June and July are nigh, 
Resorts being crowded with visitors 
How nice it is to fly! 

Photography: CindySandersPhotography

Concept & styling: Kidsbrandrep

Model: Lotte

Webshop: Schattige Babykleertjes

Thank you Sheraton Hotels for having us.